Knitted Steam Train

Knitted Steam Train

Pack up your knitting kit and join us on a real adventure in novelty knitting - the Knitted Steam Train has arrived!

Loosely based on an A1/A3 class steam locomotive, the Knitted Steam Train consists of an Engine at the front, pulling a Tender carrying its supply of knitted coal at the back. When linked together, this little train measures approximately 41cm in length and up to 8cm in height, a convenient size for display within a domestic setting.

Packed full of lovingly-created detail, this pattern is best suited to experienced knitters who love the challenge of working with intricate and complex designs.

You'll find all of the technical detail you need to know contained within the pattern itself, together with lots of photographs illustrating the construction of both the Engine and Tender. We hope you'll enjoy working with this pattern as much as we did in creating it.

And remember, if making a Knitted Steam Train piques your interest in the real thing (just like it did with us!), then there's lots more to see at , the website of the National Railway Museum in York.

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